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HyperBorg Home Automation

We Assimilate IoT

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Easy to Use

HyperBorg was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your home automation up and running quickly.


HyperBorg is designed to be a decentralised system. This helps to connect sensors and other devies easier and it could help to keep your home running even if any of the devices are failing.


HyperBorg ensures that the smallest past is used from the event to the action. It could minimize the effects of a single point of failure as well as providing very low lag between devices.

Powered by C++ and WebAssembly

HyperBorg based on C++ language and Qt framework. This deliver close-to-hardver optimalization and unmatched execution performance on each node.

Backup and upgrades

HyperBorg provides compact and easy methods for backing up and upgrading the system. This way, You should never be left with non-working installation. Also, the project ensures that all official modules are compatible and working before releasing new major version.

HyperBorg is OpenSource!

HyperBorg is written as an open-source software! Use it, share it, enhance it!