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HyperBorg project is in very early stage of its developement, thus it is not yet fully functional, internals could be changed without notice and there might be some internal, fixed values.

This means, that if your hardware setup is like the test setup, the current codebase will certainly work. If not, you sould wait while the driver for that given device would be available.

POC Test setup

The current POC (Proof-of-concept) test environment contains the following:

- 1-wire sensors
- RPI (1, 3, 4) + TFT displays
- Philips HUE bridge and lamps (white + color)
- Panasonic Cloud Comfort air conditionings
- Huawei SUN inverter
- NNC-8I80OP relay boards
- I2C based I/O boards

The POC setup should be running reliably on

- Linux
- WebAssembly
- Windows

systems before it is considered to be stable and the project is released under 1.0.0 tag.